Scrip Card


SCRIP cards are sold at face value and the discount from the vendor is an instant rebate for the parish.  You can purchase cards for gas, groceries, restaurants, hotels,  and home improvement.  Did you know that if you purchase a Kohl's SCRIP card you can use it to pay yourKohl's credit card bill? Let's put our shopping with gift cards to work for our youth.

Our youth attend events and retreats to help them encounter Christ and foster a growing relationship with Him.  Though some of these events are free, some are not.  The rebate we receive from the sale of gift cards help to fund our Religious Education Program to assist with registration fees, travel, and food for our youth.  

Scrip Card Order Form

SCRIP Gift Card Orders will be sold after Mass on special occasions which will be announced at each Mass.  For your convenience, Order Forms can be dropped in the mail slot in the office door or come by during regular office hours from  8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. Monday thru Thursday. 

The Order Form must completed with name, phone number and check or you can pay when the gift cards arrive.  Checks should be made payable to "Church of the Redeemer".  We now accept major credit cards for payment; however it will be an additional charge of $3.00 added to your total cost to cover merchant fees.

Gift Card Orders Place On: Will Be Available On:
Monday Thursday (same week)
Tuesday Monday (following week)
Wednesday Tuesday (following week)
Thursday Wednesday (following week)

Thank you for your support of our Youth Ministry.