No Room at the Inn


  no room


    We are getting ready for our 13th Annual No Room at the Inn - Our First Ever Virtual Event! 

We know that the needs are still there so, we aren't cancelling - we are pivoting,
following the guidance of the Holy Spirit and working on a new plan!

Click here to register for our free, online only, event!

With your support, and in the hands of our community partners, teens will find peace as they age out of foster care through My Path Forward, MCEF will prevent homelessness in Mechanicsville by helping our neighbors with rent and utilities, and our Friends in Haiti will be able to build safe and secure homes. 

Look at the difference you we are making in Haiti - here is Jacques Nahomie at home before and after your help!



For additional information, please contact us at [email protected] or 804.730.7980.

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