Lifelong Adult Faith Formation is FREE for all parishioners of Church of the Redeemer, as well as friends, families, and neighbors of our parish members. Redeemer has paid an annual subscription fee so that it is free for you to use.

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Faith formation is "Continuing Education in Faith" and is ongoing for life!!
Today the Catholic Church teaches that Adult Faith Formation is essential to accomplishing our mission as a Church, which is to bring the Gospel message into every aspect of our lives, whether family, work, or civic situations.  In fact, the church calls us to put Adult Faith Formation at the very center of our parish catechetical activity.

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Something for everyone at Redeemer!
Choose from small groups, large groups, private study, Bible studies, book discussions, activities for singles, couples, weekly, monthly, seasonal, morning, evening!   All classes are led by trained facilitators.  For more information on these programs, contact Deacon Ron, Coordinator of Adult Faith Formation.