Community Life Ministry

Community Life

Community Life Ministry
This Ministry is to promote the spirit of community in the Parish. This includes planning and organizing parish
socials, sacramental receptions and any special events requiring receptions throughout the year.

cookieBaker’s Dozen
Parishioners bake for receptions throughout the year.
Time commitment: 4-5 times per year.
Contact: Laurie Richman 746-4911 ext. 2210

coffee cupCoffee Ministry
Volunteers are needed to set up, make coffee and clean up at each regular weekend Liturgy.  Training will be provided.
Time commitment: One Liturgy per month, approximately 30 minutes prep and 15 minutes clean-up.
Contact:  Regina Watson-Fields 746-4911 ext. 2213

Kitchen Cooking Team
Volunteers are needed to come in during the day to prepare meals for Prime Timer Luncheons, etc.
Time commitment: To be determined by scheduled event.
Contact:  Laurie Richman 746-4911 ext. 2213

Kitchen Equipment Team
Volunteers are needed to come in to give the kitchen a good cleaning and provide maintenance for ovens/stove/range/hood/dishwasher, etc. to make sure all are working properly.
Time commitment: Approximately once a year to clean equipment.
Contact:  Allan Draper 550-4826

Kitchen Maintenance Team
Parishioners are needed to help with tasks in the kitchen to include: organize, inspect for cleanliness, and assist with washing of linens. Training will be provided.
Time commitment: Bi-monthly.
Contact:  JoAnn Draper 550-4826           

PrimeTimers Ministry
This group plans activities and lunch programs for all adults of the community. This could include educational, recreational, and spiritual activities.  Prime Timers meetings provide opportunities for fellowship and mutual support. Currently meets on the 2nd Tuesday of the month from October - June
Contact: Regina Watson-Fields 746-4911 ext. 2213

sacramentSacramental Receptions
Volunteers needed to prepare, serve and clean up refreshments for any one of the Baptismal,
1st Eucharist, or Confirmation receptions.

Time commitment: Baptism- 2 hrs. 3 times a year, please indicate which mass time you would be
attending; 1st Eucharist – 2 hrs. one time per year; Confirmation 2-4 hrs. one time per year.
Contact: Baptisms - Laurie Richman 746-4911; Confirmation/Communion - Colleen Coningsby 550-5341 or  Norey Reger 550-0659

welcome to churchWelcoming Committee                                
Parishioners are needed for welcoming new households as they join the parish. This may include baking or delivering cookies and a monthly gathering.  You can decide how much or how little you want to do.

Time commitment: One and a half hours monthly.
Contact: Laura Richman 746-4911 ext. 2213