JAM: Jesus and Me

JAM (Jesus and Me) Ministry:JAM: Jesus and Me
A ministry for children and youth with special needs

"Whenever you did one of these things
for a brother & sister of mine, you did for me."
Matthew 25:40
This ministry is a support service at the Church of the Redeemer for children ages 3 - 13 with disabilities / special needs / Autism. We have a “buddy-system” of trained volunteers available for our children with special needs. Our mission is to provide a safe environment for children with special needs while parents participate in our 10:00 Mass each week.
For more information, please contact (click on name for e-mail hyperlink): 
Michael Camp
Kellie Free
Carmel Boler
If you are a parent, or legal guardian, of someone between the ages of 3 years old - 13 years old, this ministry is for you! To get started, the following form is for you to share as much as you feel comfortable about your child or youth so that we can better meet the needs of your family.
Intake form: MS Word Form or PDF
Please feel free to contact any of the names above to help you with any questions and concerns.

Pastoral Statement 
U.S. Catholic Bishops

on People with Disabilities















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