Youth R.E. Information


 Youth R.E. Sessions Start in September
calendar coming soon)

Morning Session (11:30 am - 1:30 pm)

Evening Session (6 pm - 8 pm) 


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Grades 6 thru 12 - Sessions meet on Sundays, 11:30 am - 1:30 pm OR 6:00 pm - 8:00 p.m. (Youth R.E. Calendar coming soon)

Parents who desire to teach their youth (6th - 8th grade) at home, or who are not able to attend the Sunday parish-based programs, may choose to home-school their child. Parents who home-school are encouraged  to participate in PATHWAYS, the diocesan catechist certification program. Click here if you would like more information regarding home school options and materials.

Family-centered Inter-generational Religious Education, or F.I.R.E., is a family program that include parents and children of all ages, meeting twice a month with a small group of other families. (click on any of the  F.I.R.E. acronyms for more information)

- Families of students enrolled must be registered parishioners.
- Please return registration and parent response forms by August 31st. No phone registrations will be taken.
- Rosters will be prepared and small teams are filled in the order that registrations are received.
Registration will be closed from September 1st - 30th while small team rolls are finalized. 
- Once a small team has been filled, it is closed. Additional sections of a grade level will be opened if coaches and space are available.
     Please note: Although it is never too late to register your child, it benefits the entire program when you return your registrations on or before the deadline. Space is limited  - to ensure your choice of sessions we urge you to complete the registration forms soon - this week if possible - so that you don’t forget.
 Late Registrations: If you do need to register late, you will need to come into the office.

By diocesan policy, participation in sacramental preparation programs for Eucharist, Reconciliation and Confirmation is separate from religious education sessions. Participation in R.E. sessions is expected of those registering for sacramental preparation.

The current fee schedule is on the registration form.  Fees will be waived upon request in cases of financial need.

     The program cannot exist without your help!  Our need is for catechists (teachers), small team coaches, session coordinator(s) and hospitality crew.
     Catechists have the opportunity to grow in their faith in wonderful ways as they prepare and share with the youth of our parish. It is an exciting, challenging, and rewarding ministry. The diocesan catechist certification program, Pathways, is offered to assist catechists in developing skills for this ministry. We encourage you to consider this ministry!
     If you are not sure about being a catechist, please consider being a Youth R.E. small team coach. There is no “speaking” in front of the large group. The main role of a coach is to facilitate small group activities during the sessions. All materials are e-mailed a week prior to the session so there is no major preparation time need as a coach. Also, there are only 14 youth sessions all year!
     Session coordinator(s) oversee the morning or evening scheduled R.E. sessions (total of 14 for the whole year) that includes opening the building (if needed), distributing supplies and attendance sheets to small team coaches and locking up after the session.  This is not a teaching position.
     The Hospitality Crews are scheduled (morning or evening) to coordinate the snack portion of the Youth R.E. sessions. Although there are a total of 14 sessions, members of the crew usually volunteer for no more than 2-3 sessions for the entire year. Youth are in charge of bringing the snacks to each session. Crews will organize the snacks and clean up afterwards. This is not a teaching position.
     There are ways to help even if you cannot make a weekly commitment. Contact LeRoy Orie if you would like to help on a temporary basis.

     There is a Kick-Off and Parent Meeting in the Fall for both Youth R.E. & ConfirmationYouth registered  for  either morning or evening sessions should attend with at least one parent or guardian.  Please check the Youth R.E. Calendar for latest dates and times.  (Youth R.E. Calendar coming soon)