Pastoral Council


Ellen Spain, Chairperson
Jane Nucup, Vice Chairperson
Marilynn Alfaro
Peggy Anderton
Carolyn Brand
Donnie Gladfelter
Brian Goulet
Maria Harris
David Hopper
John Kadukammakal
Jackie Linklater
Jesse Lopez
Loraine Tracy, Staff Liaison
Fr. Jay Wagner, Pastor
Chris Colville, Deacon
Our Responsibilities:
- Elected by parishioners to work closely with the pastor to ensure that the Church of the Redeemer is the best that it can be
- Serve the needs of all parishioners and empower them to go beyond the parish to serve the needs of others
- Called to be a representative body, rather than a body of representatives, that strives to integrate varying aspects of parish life so that the faith needs of all may be met.


Stewardship Council


Reagan Penny, Chairperson
Tina Maxson, Co-Chairperson
Bernie Bly
Kathy Donohue
Ann Herbert
Rebecca Schieber
Tish Moczygemba
Ron Reger, Deacon
Regina Watson-Fields, Staff Liaison
Father Jay Wagner, Pastor

 Our Responsibilities:
- File Monthly Commitment forms after Mass and copy on Monday.
- Plan and carry out yearly Ministry Chairpersons Wine and Cheese Reception.
- Plan and coordinate mailing and return of yearly Time, Talent and Treasure Stewardship Form.
- Follow-up on non-responders of Yearly Form.
- Attend Yearly Joint Council Meeting.
- Based on Council recommendations, provide articles to The Good News.
- Assess problems with stewardship activities of the parish and develop solutions/recommendations for change.
- Update as necessary stewardship welcome board in worship commons.
- Plan, organize, and coordinate yearly Stewardship Fair.


Finance Council


Bill Michie, Chairperson
Chris Fallon, Co-Chairperson
Mary Atkinson
Tim Cook
Bob Davis
Tom Grasberger
Teresa Kulinowski
Jan Moritz
Sharon Phillips
Michelle Vucci
Regina Watson-Fields, Staff Liaison
Fr. Jay Wagner, Pastor
Our Responsibilities
- Work closely with the pastor and other ministers to develop a balanced budget that is based on the priorities and goals set by the Pastoral Council and approved by the pastor.
- Every month, review comparisons of actual revenues and expenditures with the budget, the investments and the overall financial operations of the parish
- Assist the pastor in compiling an annual report of the parish's finances and arrange for the publication to the parish
- Review the internal accounting controls over the parish's financial operations and review in detail the books and records of the parish to assure they are properly maintained
- Exercise oversight over all parish investments and all finances relating to the parish or any other parish programs done in the name of the parish and enjoying it's tax exemption


Youth Advisory Council

Our Vision Statement:
Our mission is to create and nurture a vision with our youth
that promotes and fosters their faith development and personal growth
with the involvement, encouragement and support of our entire community.


Ann Hare
Jennifer Henderson 
Pam Phipps
Ron Reger
LeRoy Orie: Staff Liaison


Fourth Thursday of every month (September - May)
Location: Youth Room (#11)
Time: 6:30 PM - 7:30 PM


Youth Councils
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